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Lake Plastira & Agrafa

LAKE PLASTIRA & AGRAFA | MAINLAND GREECE | THESSALY Lake Plastira is probably the most scenic in Greece with exquisite, virgin nature, mountain villages, untouched

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Naxos Best Beaches

NAXOS BEACHES | GREEK ISLANDS | CYCLADES BEST BEACHES IN NAXOS Some of Greece’s most superlative beaches are to be found in Naxos. Most of

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The Acropolis

THE ACROPOLIS The Acropolis This unique monument, which represents the ultimate in architectural and artistic expression of the ancient Athenian spirit, occupies a rock 156

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Western Corfu

CORFU ISLAND | GREEK ISLANDS | IONIAN WESTERN CORFU Ermones -Pelekas – Sinarades -Agios Gordis A short route of special beauty through green scenery and

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PELION | MAINLAND GREECE | THESSALY Magical combination of mountain and sea, wonderful villages that have kept so much of the local colour and traditional

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Meteora Thessaly Greece


METEORA | MAINLAND GREECE | THESSALY Imposing and majestic Meteora is a unique geological phenomenon with historic monasteries perched on these rocks.Go at your first

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SKYROS | GREEK ISLANDS | SPORADES An island that seduces the senses of its visitor, enchanting him with crystal clear waters, small sandy bays, emerald

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Southern Corfu

CORFU ISLAND | GREEK ISLANDS | IONIAN TOUR OF SOUTH-WESTERN CORFU Agios Mattheos | Fort Gardiki | Lake Korission | Argyrades A trip which will

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